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The Advance Group was born from shared need of established reality in the sector to join professionalism and expertise, made available for the achievement of a common goal: to provide the Client high quality services on many sides of the communication, removing the need to turn to multiple partners and without the high costs of different management.

The key points, which allow Advance to provide quality services responding in a simple and effective way to the clients' needs, are:

  • Reduce the transaction costs
  • Create incentives to learning and diffusion of information
  • Rationalize common activities
  • Have a greater variety of resources, expertise and information
  • Get more pulses to product and process innovation through economies of exploration and externalities of innovation
  • Improving the rating of companies involved in the network
If you need a new brand, the study of an Adv campaign, a website, a corporate video, a photo shoot or any other needs of communication and marketing, Skydesign Group will be with you to analyze, create and give birth to projects of great impact and visibility.
DPM Studio, is a web agency focused on the needs of the market, which have been working for years in the design of dynamic business websites, in the development of web applications, in consulting and planning strategies of web marketing and development of customized positioning solutions on search engines.
NUR for over 15 years has been providing a complete and professional service in the field of Online Marketing, specializing in Social Media Marketing in the last period. This branch of the web promotion deals with the generation of a virtual word of mouth on social networking platforms such as blogs, social networks and online communities able to bring together a wide range of users based on a continuous stream of content and relationships.
Work in perfect synergy with a team of experts to support clients and define their strategy and communication tools is for Keymove one of the elements of success that has always characterized the company on the market. We have worked for more than twenty years on multichannel communications projects.
To take full advantage from information you need to act on the mechanisms and dynamics that generate it. To do this, Morelli Media Partners takes an active role with magazines, television, radio and agencies, communicating with them in a systematic, timeliness and clear way.
SLK is a legal office that provides twenty years of experience and high competence by offering a consultancy service at 360 degrees in Poland. SLK boasts a consolidated tradition in the world of corporate law in close cooperation with Fiscal Studies and Notary offices of trust.


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